OptiCut Pro-PP 5 is a cutting edge panel and profile optimization software developed on the basis of powerful multimode, multiformat and multimaterial algorithms.

With this program, you can do tasks such as creating precise cuts, edges and uplifts, turning edges, setting labels, designing the best cut order mode for the least amount of distracting and The output and input files of this program are compatible with all spreadsheet programs like Excel, most of the shelves and cabinets, such as PolyBoard, TopWood, Obvie, KitchenDraw and more.

Post_Processor This program can communicate with all CNC machines

OptiCut is available in a multilingual version (Turkish, Chinese, etc), and is used in over 30 countries.

Here are some key features of “OptiCut Pro-PP v5.25”:

  • Includes 6 different models for CNC optimization and cutting
  • A list of types of materials for panels and profiles
  • Ability to use the appropriate settings for different types of materials
  • Ability to define edges and display the timing of pages
  • Create reports from all the information and settings made
  • Auto-align the page layout for better use of materials and minimize throws
  • Generate files in a format compatible with CNC devices
  • OptiCut also optimizes profiles cutting lists, using the same parameters as for panels.
  • OptiCut prints profiles for cutting maps, as well as gobal summaries, and labels.
  • The OptiCut turnaround function allows the cutting direction changes (horizontally or vertically) within the same cutting map. Theses changes, which increase panel handling, also improves the quality and sometimes saves savings.

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows : XP/7/8/10 32bit and 64bit

Download OptiCut Pro-PP 5.25

Download Here