Expresii 2019 is an software for easy and fast drawing of colored watercolors through an advanced digital coloring system.

The software has been released after years of development and experience, and has been using powerful engines to implement watercolor paintings featuring real brushes and blue color simulation features, and can produce 12K resolution images.

The output results can be saved in PNG or PSD formats. It is also possible to use a pen or power toch to draw watercolor paintings with Expresii.

The super-deep zoom and the ability to dip virtual paper to control the flow of ink is part of the power of this powerful and attractive application.

Expresii, the startup founded by former Adobe and Microsoft graphics researcher Nelson Chu, has shipped Expresii 1.0, the first commercial release of its promising digital brush-and-ink painting system.

It supports both pen and touch input, and if you’ve got a device with a tilt sensor (or game controller), you can even tilt your virtual paper to control the flow of ink. Images can be saved in PNG or PSD formats, with support for alpha channels and PSD layers. Moxi Paint Engine We harnesses the GPU to bring the watercolor sim to a whole new level! Yibi Brush Engine Giving you the power to create organic shapes like wielding a real brush! Youji Rendering Engine  Zoom in to see your work as if done on a real piece of paper. No more fat pixels! Let virtual ink flow and blend be virtual paper.

Here are some key features of “Expresii 2019 v02.09“:

  • Drag watercolor designs
  • Possibility to use touch input or pen
  • Powerful brush and virtual brush
  • Simulate blue colors
  • Deep zooming
  • Save images in PNG or PSD
  • Create 12K resolution images

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 
  • Stylus supporting WinTab / Win 8+ API 
  • Multi-touch screens 
  • G-sensor / Game controller (for surface tilt) 
  • OpenGL 2.1 or later 
  • Recent GPUs eg Intel HD Graphics 515 or better (given a FHD screen resolution)

Download Expresii 2019 v02.09

Download Here



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