DS SIMULIA fe-safe 2019 simulation series designed and developed to optimize the simulation of FEA and CFD models. This software is used in the final simulation of structures or flow of fluids, and its main task is to accurately analyze simulation and eliminate additional and inefficient parts, and instead specify specific and important parts of the design. This software is capable of analyzing a variety of structural simulations and fluid flow design drawings and bringing the engineers with maximum optimization.

fea-safe suite of software is the world-leading technology for durability analysis from FEA, with direct interfacing to all major FEA suites and its capabilities have been developed to meet the most demanding industry applications. It was the first commercially available fatigue analysis software to focus on modern multiaxial strain-based fatigue methods and it continues to set benchmark for fatigue analysis software.

This application is a powerful tool able to optimize the lightweight parts, sturdy and durable optimized to the maximum possible until the final product is maximum performance. Even if there is a design flaw in the design, this software will help the user to identify and fix the design by identifying it and providing solutions for it. The software is available in two Structural and Fluid modules, which are used to optimize the structures and design fluids.

Here are some key features of “DS SIMULIA fe-safe 2019”:

  • Fatigue of welded joints
  • Vibration fatigue
  •  Test program validation
  • Critical distance methods for crack growth prediction
  • Property mapping for casting or forging simulations
  • Warranty curves combine variations in material fatigue strengths and variability in loading to calculate the survival probability over A range of service lives.
  • The performance of the process of forming or assembling the process for estimating residual stresses for the rapid sensitivity analysis.
  • The virtual strain gauges can be specified in a feasible manner to correlate with measured data.
  • Signal processing, load history manipulation, fatigue from strain gauges, and generation of accelerated testing signals are among the many features included as standard.
  • fe-safe can be run within an optimization loop to allow designs to be optimized for fatigue performance. fe-safe interfaces to Isight and TOSCA from SIMULIA.
  • Coupling between SIMPACK Flex bodies, Abaqus, and fe-safe.
  • Interfaces to Abaqus ODB, ANSYS RST, and NASTRAN OP2 files.

System Requirement

Tosca 2019 Test Configurations:

  • Windows Vista Enterprise v1709 or v1803 64-bit
  • Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU E5-1620 @ 3.60GHz
  • 16384 MB RAM
  • AMD Radeon (TM) Pro WX 9100
  • 1920 x 1080; 32-bit color

Download DS SIMULIA fe-safe 2019

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