Datakit Conversion plugins – Since engineers and designers involved in the construction of industrial structures and mechanical components may use special design software for each of their component design or construction projects, each of which may also have CAD It accepts various entries as input data and finally produces the final CAD file in a specific format.

Datakit, a leading CAD data exchange company, has released DATAKIT Import-Export Plugins, a software that converts files from most CAD formats.

It is not unlikely that engineers will have to convert CAD files in various formats to other common formats so that they can use them.

Datakit, as a company that transforms CAD data conversion, has introduced a plugin called DATAKIT Plugins for SOLIDWORKS so that SolidWare software users are able to easily install their CAD files after installing this plug-in. Convert common formats.

Here are some key features of “Datakit Conversion plugins for SOLIDWORKS“:

  • Supported software for input files:
    – CATIA V4 2D / 3D
    – CATIA V5 2D / 3D
    – Inventor
    – JT
    – PLMXML
    – ProE / Creo Parametric 3D
    – Solid Edge 3D
    – UG NX 2D
    – UG NX 3D


  • Supported file formats for output files:
    – CATIA V4 3D
    – CATIA V5 3D
    – PDF 3D
    – NX 3D

System Requirement

  • Supported Architectures : 64 bit x64
  • Supported Operating Systems : Windows XP or newer
  • Software Prerequisites : DS SolidWorks 2010-1019

Download Datakit Conversion plugins for SOLIDWORKS

Download Here



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