CoffeeCup HTML Editor 17 The name of the software is in the field of designing and editing web pages. Website coding can also be done with NotePad software, but with a simple user interface and development environment does not have many features of Website development, which will significantly increase the time of website development. Also, using CoffeeCup HTML Editor software, coding and website design becomes a pleasure. For example, the start and end tags are automatically completed and different parts of the code are displayed in separate colors to increase readability. Slowly The comments you put in the code are displayed in italics and gray so as not to interfere with readability.

Using CoffeeCup HTML Editor softwareYou can see the impact of changes in the design process live, which makes it possible to quickly understand the functionality of different codes. In this program, all files, folders and subfolders are displayed in an orderly and tree-like manner, and you can refer to that file wherever you need it, and you can open the file you want with just one click. Files are opened in separate tabs so you can quickly move between them. Also, one of the interesting features of this program is the possibility of storing duplicate pieces of code in the form of reusable components, for example, headers and footers. Menus and similar elements are usually present in every website, but you can save these pieces of code in the form of components. Put different ones in your personal library and use them for other projects or in other parts of your current project.
Features of CoffeeCup HTML Editor:

Ability to display tree structure of files and folders and subfolders of the project

Supports simple and beautiful environment and user interface, ability to auto-complete codes

Supports live and instant display of code changes without the need to run

Ability to open files in separate tabs to work on multiple files simultaneously

Ability to auto-complete start and end tags of HTML code, auto-indent code to increase code readability

Distinguish comments in italics and color, the ability to build a library of different components from commonly used code and shared between projects

“CoffeeCup HTML Editor v17.0 Build 841” :

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a powerful and beautiful editor for designing and editing web pages. Web coding can also be done with a notepad, but the norepad is a simple environment and does not have many features, which greatly increases the coding time. There are many tools available to solve this problem, including CoffeeCup HTML Editor. Using this software, coding and web designing becomes a pleasure. For example tags are automatically filled in, end tags are automatically inserted. Different sections of code are displayed in separate colors to increase readability. The comments you make in the code are displayed in italics and gray so that they do not interfere with readability.

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7/8 with Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher


CoffeeCup HTML Editor v17.0 Build 841

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