FurMark v1.23.0

FurMark v1.23.0

FurMark 1.2 is a free tool for testing and performing graphics card stability. The graphics card processes computer-generated digital information in a way that is understandable to humans. The most common use of a graphics card is for display by a display where information is converted to analog. The graphics card includes a circuit board, memory, and a processor. Processors have commands that perform graphical operations. This software carefully tests the performance and stability of the graphics card and shows its power to the user in various tests. One of the most important uses of FurMark is to test the graphics card to run games better.

Other specifications: FurMark software performs the necessary tests to check the stability by placing a lot of load and pressure on the graphics card in a completely controlled way and announces the results accurately. One of the most important parameters of a graphics card is its temperature. Instantaneous display of temperature can be very important to use different coolers to reduce the temperature of the graphics card if needed. In addition, the classic and very simple user interface of this software has made its use as easy as possible and its popularity. Use your FurMark to confidently test your system graphics card to be prepared for difficult and difficult situations.

Features of FurMark software :

– Test the performance and stability of the graphics card

– Instant display of graphics card temperature

– Test by placing a high and controlled load on the graphics card

– Simple and classic user interface

– Has high reliability

– Completely free and efficient software

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7/8 with Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher


FurMark v1.23.0

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