Assimilate Scratch v9.3

Assimilate Scratch v9.3


Assimilate Scratch 9.3 It is one of the most professional tools for editing and editing photos and videos of users and professional filmmakers, which has been considered by many professionals for preparing magazines as well as the covers of articles and magazines. This software is very professionally designed and built and it will be dumb and very difficult for beginners to work with. So this software is not recommended for those who are at the beginning of the way to edit and edit their photos and videos.

Assimilate Scratch features various flow to change photos as well as advanced tools to adjust the contrast and color level of different photosHas emerged as a professional software among editors. Open source effects that users can change all their features are among the features of this software. Also, the existence of different histograms in this software for more accurate adjustment of photos is quite obvious. Of course, this software does not meet all the needs of users, but it is one of the leaders in setting and affecting images. Users must work in parallel with this software. To use peripheral software to correct the defects of their images at the same time. So if you are one of the professional users in this field, we suggest you do not miss this software. Features of Assimilate Scratch software


Intelligent and very complete management of your project
Ability to create categories and timing for different shots
The user is free to adjust the settings in a special way
Easy switch between real image and your edited project
Supports all professional media formats
Benefit from an Assimilate Player
Perform rendering operations in the best possible conditions
High speed in processing the information you need
Record, manage, modify and add metadata you need

“Assimilate Scratch v9.3”

Buy and learn one tool to use, from on-set throughout the entire post-production pipeline. SCRATCH covers all bases and can be the foundation of your workflow while still integrating with other dailies- and editorial-system or specialized post-tools.

System Requirement

  • System Requirements: – SCRATCH is optimized for Windows 7 or higher, 64-bit operating system. – Processor: Single Xeon i5 or i7 is minimum spec. Recommend dual.


Assimilate Scratch v9.3

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