Civil Engineering Calculator 2 is a comprehensive calculator for civil engineers originally designed by CE CALC by Up2Specs Engineering in the form of a software under Windows is released.

This software is the most comprehensive calculator of this company and is able to perform most of the common calculations in civil engineering.

This software is used in traffic engineering, displacement design and geometry of streets and roads. Other features of this software include surveying and embankment calculations, construction mapping, engineering, topographic graphics , dug volume calculation, rigid and flexible design, selection of the proportion of normal weight of concrete mix in accordance with ACI 211.1-91 (2009) and the design of concrete foam On the floors.

Here are some key features of “Up2Specs Civil Engineering Calculator v2.0”:

  • comprehensive calculator Civil Engineering and Urban Planning
  • planning and traffic engineering, design displacement and the geometry of the road
  • Calculations mapping and embankment for building and road
  • mapping construction, engineering and Topo Graphic
  • Calculate Suitable volume of drainage with dimensions of the project
  • Rigid and flexible design
  • Selection of the normal fitting of concrete mix in accordance with ACI 211.1-91 (2009)
  • Design of concrete floors on floors

System Requirement

  • OS:  Windows XP SP3 (x86), Windows 7 SP1 (x86 or x64)

Download Up2Specs Civil Engineering Calculator 2.0

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