Hydraulic Calculator 2 is a comprehensive calculator for hydrology engineers originally designed by CE CALC by Up2Specs Engineering in the form of a software under Windows is released.

This software is used to perform common computations in hydrological design such as precipitation intensity, storm water outflow and time of accumulation of water resources.

Other features of this software include design calculations for collecting and storing water from rain, designing sewage outlet channels, open channels, designing a duct under the special highway roads, designing sewage based on gravity and calculating water distribution such as pumping systems, pressure Pipelines, number of lines and wells.

Here are some key features of “Up2Specs Civil Engineering Calculator v2.0”:

  • Performing common calculations in hydrological and hydraulic design
  • Calculating rainfall intensity, volume of water outflow from the storm and time of accumulation of water resources
  • Performing design calculations for collecting and storing water from rainfall
  • Designing sewage outlet channels and Open channels
  • Design of a duct under the highway roads
  • Perform water distribution calculations, such as pumping systems
  • Calculate the pressure of the transfer pipes, the number of lines and the force of the well
  • Design of the waterways and sewage based on gravity

System Requirement

  • OS:  Windows XP SP3 (x86), Windows 7 SP1 (x86)
  • The 64-bit systems may not work properly

Download Up2Specs Hydraulic Calculator 2.0

Download Here