TS DataWiper v2.0

TS DataWiper v2.0


TS DataWiper v2.0. Files and data deleted from the system have not yet been completely removed from the disk and can easily be restored with the help of various water play software . However, TS DataWiper is a reliable, powerful, easy-to-use software for complete and irreversible deletion and deletion of system information. When you decide to sell or outsource your system, it is best to delete your personal information completely so that it cannot be restored with any data recovery tool. TS DataWiper enjoys the most reliable data removal standards and will not allow your sensitive information to be misunderstood. TS DataWiper is also capable of permanently removing data from USB, memory card, camera and other storage devices.

offers military & government data erasure standards to safely and permanently erase your data beyond the scope of data recovery.

Destroy Sensitive Data
Permanently erase data before you sell, donate, abandon or dispose of your old computer, hard drive, digital device, etc.
Prevent Data Recovery
100% erase your data with certified data erasure standards, leaving no chance for data recovery or deleted file recovery.
Fix Logical Errors
Fix errors on your hard drive or storage device by rebuilding file system, formatting / wiping the hard drive or device.

Flexible Data Erasure Modes – 4 Tools
TS DataWiper is not only a file shredder, but also a wiper disk, deleted file eraser and disk formatter. It offers flexible data erasure options to help you erase data in various situations.

– Erase Files
Permanently shred files, folders from any hard drive or storage device.
– Erase Hard Drive
Erase your entire hard drive to permanently erase all data on the hard drive.
– Erase Free Space
Erase free disk space to erase already deleted data without affecting existing data.
– Manage Disk
Format, rename, repair hard disk drive, external device on your computer.

Why Choose TS DataWiper
DTS DataWiper offers 100 secure, effective data erasure standards to help you securely, easily and permanently erase data depending on your needs. Just download it for secure data erasure.

– Certified data eraser
Certified data erasure standards including HMG Infosec Standard 5, Baseline, DOD 5220.22-M, US Army AR380-19, Peter Gutmann’s algorithm.
– Secure data eraser
Securely erase your data, it will not cause any damage to your computer, HDD / SSD or storage device.
– Full Erasure Report
Full data erasure report allows you to check the details of your erasure operations.
– Erase All Devices
Permanently erase data from PC, laptop, HDD / SSD, portable disk, USB drive, memory card, camera, RAID, Server and other storage devices.

Here are some key Features of “TS DataWiper v2.0” :

  • Complete and irrecoverable data erasure
  • Complete erase of all disk space
  • Erase free disk space to completely erase deleted data without affecting existing data
  • Permanently erase files And Folders From Any Disk Or Storage Device
  • Formatting, Renaming, Hard Disk Repair
  • Completely Removing Data From HDD / SSD, Memory Card, Camera, RAID, Laptop, USB …
  • Most Valid Usage Data Clearance Standards
  • No System Damage
  • Complete Report on Clearance Details

System Requirement

  • Operating Systems:
    – Windows 10
    – Windows 8 / 8.1
    – Windows 7
    – Windows Vista
    – Windows XP
    – Windows Server


  • Other Requirements:
    – Disk Space: at least 60MB
    – RAM: at least 128 MB
    – File System: FAT 12/16/32 , exFAT, NTFS, NTFS 5, ext 2, ext 3, ReFS etc


TS DataWiper v2.0


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