TrackOFF 4.9 – The world’s largest companies have been stealthily tracking all online user activities, shared items, and more.

That’s why today theft of information and fraud of people’s true identity have become a major security challenge among users.

Modern tracking threats, also known as digital fingerprinting, are capable of stealing personal and family information (age, religion, work and school), finance (income, debt, inventory, loans, bank accounts). ), Web History (articles, videos , Internet purchases ), and even the location of information storage. For this reason, users have always sought a secure security solution to protect their privacy.

TrackOff ProPowerful and secure to help you avoid online tracking, identify where your data and other data are stored.

This software works well with the main antivirus system and is compatible with all major Internet browsers.

In simple terms, it can be said that your computer has a unique fingerprint that is used to identify and track your information, and TrackOFF works like a glove to protect it.

Here are some key features of “TrackOFF Standard v4.9.0.25167“:

  • Completely remove the history of Internet browsers
  • Display the list of websites that intend to collect and steal information
  • Block suspicious websites
  • Stop displaying the computer’s IP address
  • Instantly identify the threats
  • Auto-sync with your browsers
  • Failure to collect or store your personal information by software
  • Delete cookies
  • Use the private and secure DuckDuckGo search engine
  • Get a list of blocked attacks or view the moment your digital fingerprint changes
  • Estimates The correct performance of the application using various tools and settings
  • Compatible with all Renders
  • Clear activity history data
  • Proper UI

System Requirement

    • OS:Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP and every major antivirus product
    • 512MB RAM, 100MB free disk space.
    • Internet connection required for installation and updates.
    • Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera

Download TrackOFF Standard v4.9.0.25167

Download Here



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