ThunderSoft Private Secure Disk 8 is a virtual drive software for storing personal information and files. After you close your personal drive, it disappears from the system viewers.

This software and your private drive are both password protected and no one can open this software or your private drive without entering the correct password.

So no one will have access to important information stored there, and it’s a great solution to keep your personal information secure. Private Secure Disk can also create a executable private disk in your USB drive to make it more portable.

Private Secure Disk create a virtual disk to store your personal data. After close your private disk, it will disappear from your computer.

This software and your private disk are both password protected, no one can open this software or your private disk without a password. It’s a perfect way to keep your personal data safe.

This software can also create an executable private disk on your USB drive to make it more portable.

Here are some key features of “ThunderSoft Private Secure Disk v8.0.0”:

  • Require password when opening software
  • Need password when opening private drive
  • Hide personal drive after closing
  • Save data in an encrypted file
  • Ability to create private drive on On USB
  • hide files and folders
  • change the look of a folder
  • delete a password
  • Disappear from computer when close private disk
  • Data stored in an encrypted file
  • create private disk on USB drive
  • Allow hide files and folder
  • disguise folder
  • Uninstallation password protect

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, and 10

Download ThunderSoft Private Secure Disk v8.0.0

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