Kirk Hunter Studios Traveling Pianos Is a VST under contact that provides samples of two very famous pianos to the user. The first piano is actually the Yamaha G5 piano from Kirk Hunter, which provides a very clear and powerful sound to the user. The second instrument of this Yamaha C7 piano set belongs to the legendary musician Michael Lehmann-Boddicker, who has arranged it himself. This famous piano was given to Kirk to record samples from it. This piano has been used by many great artists and musicians and has a very famous tone.

Numerous presets that will enable you to “travel” in both time and style with a single click.
Numerous multis combining both pianos which create “fat” and sophisticated sound pallets.
Three mic positions for both pianos.
Includes true samples for both sustain pedal up and down.
Sustain and Una Corda pedal features with controllable “body” sounds.
Mixable Strings layer that add gorgeous texture and “padding”.
Mixable “Saloon” layer that provides an “old timey”, “honky tonk” feel.
Velocity-controlled, and mixable “Tines” feature that add a metallic attack at the beginning of each note.
Room size and amount – Our room, which is both convolution AND reverb based, has been specially-designed to provide a truly “concert hall” sound.
Available room ambience and / or audience sounds can be added to provide a very realistic setting.

“Kirk Hunter Studios Traveling Pianos

The software interface is completely graphical and at the same time simple and smooth and can be very useful and informative for new and unfamiliar users. VST Kirk Hunter Studios Traveling PianosIt offers users a complete and comprehensive set of different priests, which saves them time and, most importantly, protects them from downloading large volumes of similar VTSs. The sound material of these two pianos is very different from each other, but if the sound of these two is placed next to each other, it can create an attractive and playful rhythm. The makers of this VTS are fully aware of this and have provided you with prefabricated and standard examples in this area. Extreme care has been taken to record the sound of these two pianos and three microphones have been used in three different positions.

System Requirement

  • Full retail version of Kontakt, version 5.7.1 or higher. Will NOT work in the free Contact Player! You do not need a serial number and will not need to use the “Manage Libraries” feature.
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 4 GB free disk space for sample content


Kirk Hunter Studios Traveling Pianos

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