Skype 8 is a software application that allows you to communicate with your friends over the InternetProvide. This program works like a phone, and the two parties intending to communicate with each other should have this app installed. It also allows video communication with web cameras and text conversations, and even file transfers. This software has a high quality voice transmission, even more than telephony from distant districts.

For example, if you call from one of your relatives in a country like France, you should pause speaking time to speak to you or your opponent, but with the help of this software, you can easily go to the farthest areas You can also call high resolution and high quality. This program, like other similar programs, like Yahoo Messenger, does not end up in voice communication and disturb the sound.To use this software after installing the program, you need to register through the software on the site of the program and create a personal user ID for yourself.

Other features of this app are finding other people who use this app and have the ability to contact them. You can add them to your friends list in the program. You will also be able to classify your friends.
Other features of this software include calling to other phone numbers. In this way, you enter the phone number of your friend in the program and call him! In this way, you actually call the Internet with your friend’s personal phone (this feature is not free) . Unlimited and free calling anywhere in the world with other Skype users

Here are some key Features of “Skype v8.37.0.98” :

  • Ability to chat with more than 100 people in chat groups
  • Conference calling capabilities for up to four people at a time
  • Ability to call ordinary phones (at reasonable prices) even better quality than regular phones
  • View your friends list
  • Unlimited and free calling anywhere in the world with other Skype users
  • Video calling feature
  • Video calling feature

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 10, 8, 7 & Vista, 2003 and newer (32/64-bit)

Download Skype v8.37.0.98


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