Siemens NX I-deas v6.8 name of the application of the old and familiar name in the past as the leading software in the field of computer design software (CAM) was hailed. Today, Siemens has purchased this software sample and added many capabilities to it. The main software is equipped with the powerful NX engine and has more and more extraordinary design and modeling features.

The philosophy of this software is to design ideas and implement them. Using the special tools of this software, you can simulate engineering, business and work ideas and design your final product in three dimensions. This software may not have advanced design tools, but it is very suitable for creating ideas quickly, and it is possible to post ideas registered in the software well.

Key features of Siemens NX-ideas software:
– Rapid creation of engineering and commercial ideas
– Features of 3D model design
– Ability to design and troubleshoot commercial products
– Tools for innovation and creation of up-to-date ideas
– Expansion of initial ideas with advanced peripherals
– High compatibility with other software New design tools


“Siemens NX I-deas v6.8”

Siemens PLM Solutions has, since 2001, been implementing a plan to move I-deas customers forward to NX while also taking care of the immediate needs of I-deas customers. This plan focuses on the Siemens PLM Software strategic objective for our I-deas customers to migrate from I-deas to NX successfully, while preserving your investment and intellectual capital contained in your I-deas data and maintaining continuity in current workflows.

This strategic plan encompasses both I-deas and I-deas Team Data Manager (TDM) and the move from I-deas with TDM to NX with Teamcenter Engineering.

The Siemens PLM Software program encompassing both this strategic objective and the tactical objective for I-deas customers is called “Evolution of Excellence.” This program combines excellence from both the traditional I-deas product line and the Unigraphics product line to create a product with superior productivity called NX.

The objective of the Evolution of Excellence program is to move all existing I-deas customers and Unigraphics customers to NX successfully. Once in place, customers will enjoy increased productivity through the capabilities of market-leading system level engineering, unified solution, managed development environment, simulation, and knowledge enabled applications.

System Requirement

  • Operating System:
    – Windows 10 32-bit (Build OS only)
    – Windows 10 64-bit (Build 2115) Runtime
    – Windows 2016 Server Standard Edition
    – Windows 2012 R2 Server Standard Edition 
  • RAM:
    – 8 GB minimum. 16 GB or higher recommended. 
  • VGA:
    – Quadro FX series driver version (for mobile also): 341.81
    – Quadro series graphics driver version: 431.02 
  • Optional Software Required:
    – Windows Script Host 5.8
    – OpenGL Optimizer 1.2 required if you intend to use the OpenGL Optimizer translator
    – Cosmo player (required for VRML output) (tested with 2.1.1)
    – Excel (required when using OLE Spreadsheet Driven Dimensions or Visualizer Excel Interface)
    – Excel for Office 2016
    – Imageware 13.1 (required for Free_Form_Surface)


Siemens NX I-deas v6.8

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