Security Task Manager 2.3 provides you with advanced information about running processes and processes. In fact, this software will display all standard information, including filename, directory path, description, CPU utilization, etc. on the page, and it works well as a unique security risk finder.

This index is entirely based on general analysis and does not use any of the signature files, so the program will be open to interpreting the user (professional user). Security Task Manager also displays the start time, process icon , hidden functions, and so on.

Security Task Manager for you to find out about running programs and processes. It displays all the standard information, including file name, directory path, description, CPU usage, etc. as well as a unique security risk rating.

The security risk rating is based on an analysis that takes into account different aspects of the process and indicates the likelihood of the process being a potential spyware, malware or a Trojan or keylogger.

Here are some key features of “Security Task Manager v2.3”:

  • File name and directory path
  • Security risk
  • Description and description Process
  • Start Time
  • CPU Usage
  • Embedded Hidden Functions such as Keyboard, Browser
  • Process type like DLL, IE-plugin, startup services, systray program

System Requirement

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, XP or Windows Server
  • 2.9 MB free disk space

Download Security Task Manager v2.3

Download Here



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