Rohos Disk Encryption v3.0 creates virtual, encrypted and hidden volumes on your computer. To access this volume you can use a password or USB flash drive with a password key.  Rohos disk integrates with MS Office and any other application by inserting a disk shortcut into SaveAs / Open File dialogs. Also it has a build-in File-Shredder tool and wonderful UI. People always have personal information on their system that they want to encrypt to prevent others from accessing it. You can use two methods of defining a specific password or specifying a USB flash to create a passkey. Rohos Disk Encryption is well integrated with other applications such as Microsoft Office applications so that they are not even accessible through options such as SaveAs / OpenFile restricted files. This app has a graphic appearanceIt is very beautiful and simple and you can just encrypt or hide different files and parts of the system such as hard drive, flash drive, CD, DVD and so on.

Here are some key Features of “Rohos Disk Encryption v3.0” :

  • Use powerful encryption algorithms
  • Ability to define a USB as access key
  • Full data and data security
  • Automatically hide shortcuts to hidden documents
  • Encrypt information without Size limitations
  • easy to use
  • encrypted virtual drives, files in the network , USB flash drive-ROM or DVD
  • integration with other applications such as Office applications

System Requirement

  • Any Windows
  • Installation requires admin rights


Rohos Disk Encryption v3.0


Download Here



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