QuickMove Server 3 – The usual way to organize and sort files stored on your system is often to create separate folders and transfer each category of files.

We usually use the cut & paste method to transfer files from one folder to another. But when you want to move any of the files in a folder to a separate path, the sequential migration between the source folder and destination folders by cutting and pasting files can be a time consuming process.

In this case QuickMove software It offers a way to transfer files from a set of predefined rules directly through the right-click menu to the desired path.

In fact, we set these rules and instructions already in the program so that each file can be passed to a specified path according to the type or naming model, in this case, just by right clicking on each file and Selecting the QuickMove option detects the corresponding route program and transfers the file automatically.

If the QuickMove file type is also not defined for any type of file, then the program’s settings window is displayed so you can create a custom rule before the file transfer and the next time you choose this type of file for quick transfer.

Here are some key features of “QuickMove Server v3.4.2.0”:

  • Automatically transfer files to predetermined paths based on file or format naming patterns
  • Specify file transfer paths
  • Define an unlimited number of favorite folders to transfer files to them
  • Control Troubleshoot the Trouble System
  • Change the specified rules from the right-click menu
  • Edit the specified rules from the right-click menu
  • Rename existing files before transferring
  • Move to sub-folders by file name

System Requirement

  • Operating System : Windows 7/8/10

Download QuickMove Server v3.4.2.0

Download Here



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