Pioneer DJ Rekordbox Premium v5.8.1 besides having the ability to detect rhythm and taste in music, also needs a set of suitable songs. These days, you rarely see a DJ with a few CDs and start a party with them. Nowadays, software like rekordbox helps you better manage your music book . Pioneer DJ rekordbox offers all the professional tools a DJ needs in one software. Because rekordbox has high speed and great sound quality, many DJs use this software to mix and edit their work. With it you can create playlists before the show and, while doing so, sort songs by BPM, genre, personal rating, and more. The rekordbox software is designed for DJs using Pioneer DJ and supports all new and popular devices.

As a DJ, apart from having an excellent sense of rhythm and taste in music, you also need to have a well tailored music library. Very rare, if not nearly gone, are the days in which your favorite DJ would load up with a couple of CDs or vinyls, and start the party.
Today, software solutions such as recordbox are developed to help you better manage your music library to the point where you can create playlists before a show and during one, sort tracks by BPM, genre, a personal rating and even key.

Purely pro performance. No waiting. recordbox dj puts all of Pioneer’s superb DJ expertise into one package to produce the industry’s fastest, most stable software with sublime sound quality.

Here are some key Features of “Pioneer DJ Rekordbox Premium v5.8.1” :

  • professional sound quality
  • Mixer DJM-900NXS and Player CDJ-2000Nxs
  • fast response times
  • modes Hot Cues, Slicer and Slip
  • user interface graphics of
  • features an AUTO MIX
  • sharing songs Built on Mixcloud, YouTube and KUVO
  • Automatically detect variance of a song to create lighting effects
  • HID support for laptop playback
  • Synchronized with Pioneer DJ Controller

System Requirement

  • Windows® XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Windows Server® 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2


Pioneer DJ Rekordbox Premium v5.8.1

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