PingPlotter Pro 5 with graphical and visual representation of the performance of various types of LAN, WAN, and cloud networks and their infrastructures, makes troubleshooting and correcting these errors a simple and time-consuming task.

This software continuously scans all network infrastructures, including local area networks, Internet service providers, etc. and if it detects an error, it immediately reports it to the user along with the available solutions.

Here are some key features of “PingPlotter Pro”:

  • Multiple targets Simultaneously track packet loss, latency, and other metrics for multiple targets.
  • 4 Target Summary Quickly assess network health with a complete overview of your active targets or target groups in multiple summaries as required necessary.
  • Goal Management Tools Find lists of goals, hide unnecessary tabs, and add goals from the summary screen
  • Multiple Select Actions Open charts, stop tracking, or view multiple goals at once in the summary.
  • Remote Tracking Tracks from the perspective of different devices through remote provisioning
  • Advanced Alerts Configure notifications with preconfigured settings or create your own rules with scheduled alert conditions and events
  • Start Start tracking when your computer boots
  • Save workspaces Set Goals and settings in a workspace and avoid repetitive settings
  • VoIP metrics Troubleshooting VoIP networks with jitter and graphing Average rating
  • Web interface Change settings, access data and run traces from anywhere
  • Custom scripts The built-in engine enables custom calculations and extensibility
  • Run as service Increase automation by running as a native Windows service
  • Data consolidation Load and merge more rer saved example sentences
  • Saved configurations Quick switch input e different configuration profiles
  • Docking and Floating Place interface components anywhere and save workspace to remember where you like things

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10

Download PingPlotter Pro

Download Here



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