Abelssoft BankingBrowser 2022 is Abelssoft’s software applications company for online banking matters. BankingBrowser is actually a smaller internet browser than other browsers and with its help, you can easily browse the internet without worrying about hacking your information. This software performs analysis to protect malicious sites from spyware attacks and quickly identifies and blocks the site that attempts to enter passwords, usernames, etc., or perform phishing attacks. Password, username and another data.

This browser prevents phishing attacks. You can add the institutes and banks you want to the list of programs. Specially designed banking mode blocks unknown and insecure websites. Unwind your banking without risk. Quickly scans websites for phishing. Password, username and TAN are bombproof. Select a financial institution from a monitored assortment or add a missing bank by click.

Also, Abelssoft Banking Browser has a virtual keyboard that cannot spy. A comprehensive list of secure banking sites from leading institutions completes the banking browser security concept. Banking mode blocks all unknown internet pages and thus protects against fake bank pages that are similar to the original home pages in every detail.

Here are some key features of “BankingBrowser 2022”:

  • Banking securely
  • Protect personal information while browsing websites
  • Preventing phishing attacks
  • Quick scan to identify malicious websites
  • Small and convenient user interface
  • Secure online banking
  • Integrated phishing checking
  • Selection convenient to secure banking sites

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7

Download Abelssoft BankingBrowser 2022

Download Here



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