Outlook Attachment Extractor 3 is a software utility for automatically storing email attachments in Outlook. You can apply various filters and settings to save attachments in this program. For example, the program can be set up to automatically save attachments for each email in a folder specific to it, or for each email account, create a separate profile with unique settings and save attachments with a specific schedule. It is also possible to determine the next function, such as running an application and saving specific attachments by applying the user-filter in this program.

Outlook Attachment Extractor is a useful tool for Outlook to save attachments from incoming emails automatically. Among other things, powerful filters, individually-definedable storage folders and the possibility of subsequent processing are available. The location where the Outlook Attachment Extractor stores the files contained in the email attachments can be composed dynamically from the individual properties of the email. The program supports the creation of an unlimited number of profiles to enable different settings for different email accounts. Moreover, you can later extract attachments from emails of a certain period or from any email of a Outlook folder.

Here are some key Features of “Outlook Attachment Extractor v3.8.2” :

  • Extract email attachments automatically from Outlook
  • Monitor an unlimited number of Outlook folders
  • Create custom profiles for different tasks
  • Filter by subject, sender, attachment file name …
  • Save email Attachments in folders that are dynamically created from properties of the email
  • Perform subsequent actions such as starting a program with parameters
  • Extract attachments with certain criteria from all email messages in a folder.

System Requirement

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7 or Server
  • Microsoft Outlook 365 or Microsoft Outlook Version 2007 or later in the edition “Home & Business” or higher


Outlook Attachment Extractor v3.8.2

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