Nucleon Database Master 10 is a powerful software yet easy-to-use database management utility that lets you create and edit database operations, create tables and columns, define Functions and procedures, define the relationship between tables, queries, and so on.

This software also allows users to run scripts like SQL, MongoDB and Linq (C #). Database Master is able to import data from XML, CSV and SQL files and extract data in XML, JSON, CSV, HTML, MS Excel, MS Word, OpenOffice, PNG, PDF, XPS, MSAccess, SQLite formats.

Be With the help of this software, other user involved in storage and play issuesIt does not include data indexation and only focuses on the logical design of the database. Reports of various database elements are also provided to the database manager.

Here are some key features of “Nucleon Database Master v10.6.155.0219“:

  • Manage database connections in a project file
  • Manage, create and delete databases
  • Manage tables: (Create / Edit / Drop tables)
  • Display manager: Create / Edit / Show drop
  • Manage Functions and Procedures
  • MongoDB / ArangoDB Manage Indices and Collections – Create / Edit / Drop
  • Manage Trigger (Create / Drop)
  • Create / Edit / Delete Columns
  • Create Skylight Queries
  • Provide JSON Query Editor for MongoDB
  • Importing data from CSV files
  • Importing data from SQL
  • Import XML files to database system
  • Search through data using number, date, time, and string operators
  • Extract database structure and data as a SQL script
  • Extract and import data as a data packet
  • Extract the database schema as an XSD file.
  • Ability to backup database
  • Ability to run .Net (.C #) scripts by connecting to databases
  • Providing database reports

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows 7 SP1,8,10 32bit and 64bit
  • Net Framework 4.6.2

Download Nucleon Database Master v10.6.155.0219

Download Here



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