Altair Inspire Form v2021.1.1 Build 3444 is an application software in the field of design that any design that works in the field of engineering designs, this software should be one of the principles of its programs. The job of this software is to check your designs and if it sees defects in a part of the design, it displays it in a specific way that the user can fix it, thus reducing time and cost because If a design that has defects or shortcomings goes to a higher level, such as molding, after work you will notice the existence of defects, but of course some of your money and time has been wasted.

Altair Inspire Form software It has a simple look and visual display that can reduce the work of designers, also this software with a simple but special user interface can attract the attention of any user with any professional degree and only users It does not target a professional. This software has a simple training that can take 4 to 6 hours, but this way all the features of the software will be visible to you. Of course, this training is for non-professional users and professional users do not need this training.

The door Altair Inspire Form software A professional module is embedded in which users can analyze their design in just a few seconds with the help of software. One of the special features of this program is that it can show you the initial formation in the product development cycle so that you can see the defects of the product in 3D without any cost and fix it.

“Altair Inspire Form v2021.1.1 Build 3444

Overview of Altair Inspire Form features:
Geometry Creation and Simplification
Extract midsurface, fill holes and cutouts, remove flanges using Altair Inspire Form’s geometry preparation tools. In addition, use
Altair Inspire ™ tools to create and modify geometry.
Model Setup
If the part geometry is available in car coordinates, Altair Inspire Form automatically calculates the best stamping direction. The user can also specify the stamping direction. It is also possible to apply restraining forces corresponding to blankholder and drawbeads.
Materials Library
Altair Inspire Form provides a material library with properties for standard steel and aluminum grades. It is also possible to create a new material and save it within the user database.
Analysis and Results Visualization
The flat blank needed to form the part shape is available at the end of the analysis. Visualize thinning and other defects such as
splits, wrinkles and loose metal.
Multi-stage Virtual Tryout
Optimize the manufacturing process setting up single and multistage metal forming virtual tryout tools. The fast and scalable
incremental solver supports forming and trimming, giving the ability to accurately analyze material flow, splits, wrinkles, lose metal, and springback.

System Requirement

  • Operating System
    Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Memory
    8 GB of RAM (32 GB recommended)
    15 GB or more of free hard disk space
  • Graphics Hardware
    OpenGL 3D graphics accelerator compatible with OpenGL 3.2 or higher
    OpenCL 2.1 required
    True color (24-bit) support
    Install / update to most recent OpenGL patches / drivers
    1920×1080 screen resolution or higher for optimal user experience
    2 GB or higher dedicated RAM
    Only AMD and NVIDIA GPUs supported (Intel chipsets are not supported)
  • Video Recording
    Any graphics card can be used when recording animated GIFs. MP4 video recording is only supported for NVIDIA GPUs, beginning with the Maxwell 2 generation chipset and with a minimum graphics driver version of 378.66.
  • Other supported generations include:
    Maxwell 2 Generation
    Maxwell (GM206)
    Turing (RTX)


Altair Inspire Form v2021.1.1 Build 3444

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