Audio Grocery Orpheus Phrases CONTACT A unique sound bank of Bulgarian native vocals, instruments and solos that offers a different yet very pleasant sound to the user. VST Audiogrocery Orpheus Phrases was first released under the name Orpheus Project in 2004 and was able to attract the attention of various artists. The main mission of the creators of the Ophius project is to sample and record traditional and local Bulgarian music, which has many fans in the world and has an emotional and mysterious sound. During the manufacturing process of VST Audiogrocery Orpheus PhrasesSeveral choirs, singing groups, soloists and who are familiar with the bass of traditional Bulgarian music have participated, and as a result of all these efforts, we are facing a lively and at the same time natural sound.

VST Features Audiogrocery Orpheus Phrases
– A huge collection of Bulgarian instruments and vocals
– Offer more than 27 different instruments
– Improved user interface and one page
– Three different SSE modes
– Raw and completely natural sound

Overview of Audiogrocery Orpheus Phrases features

4Gb samples
27 Instrument Patches
Patch Name (SYNC)
Patch Name (CHORD SYNC)
Patch Name (RUB)
Patch Name (SOLO VOX)
Interactive phrase & sound patch creation
Workstation user interface design
Dynamic UI knob / fader labels
Ultimate Sample Start Editor (SSE)
Three SSE Modes
KS Mode
KP Mode
TRP Mode
Performance Presets
PXF A / B Motor Mix
True Midi Latch
Extended MIDI LFO
X / Y Pad & Scale utilities
Freeze Function Buttons
Extended Pitch Bend range
Pitch Bend as Controller
CC11 (Expression) initial control

“Audio Grocery Orpheus Phrases CONTACT

This huge and valuable collection was produced by Ivan Kovachev. Ivan Kovachev is fully acquainted with the culture of Bulgaria and its native music, and has devoted all his efforts and time to recording this VST. Indigenous instruments of this collection can add the traditional feeling and color and glaze of the music of the indigenous peoples of the Balkan Peninsula to various cinematic projects or songs. The samples and parts recorded in VST Audiogrocery Orpheus Phrases are completely intact and are presented to the user with the same real acoustic quality.

System Requirement

  • Native Instruments full retail Contact 5.0 or later.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.
  • 3.3 Gb free disk space.


Audio Grocery Orpheus Phrases CONTACT

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