Windows 11 Pro CompactLite Build 22000.51 is a small but lightweight version of Windows 11 that has been released unofficially. There are many pre-built services and tools at the heart of Windows 11 that overwhelm Windows and take up a lot of system processing resources, but Windows 11 Pro CompactLite completely solves this problem. All additional services and software in this version are either deleted or disabled, making Windows very light.

This version of Windows can be a great option for those who have weak systems or want to run heavy software and games. In general, always try to download official and registered versions of Windows and avoid installing tampered and unofficial versions, but if you are looking for a lightweight operating system, Windows 11 Pro CompactLite can be a great option for you.

The official version of Windows 11 will only be installed on post-2016 systems and hardware equipped with the TPM security chip, but Windows 11 Pro CompactLite covers this as well, and users with older systems can use it as well. From Windows 10 onwards, Microsoft became very strict about updates, forcing users to install all system and security updates.

Basic information about Windows 11 Pro CompactLite Build 22000.51
– Size: 1.56 GB
– Size of Windows after installation: 3.25 GB
– Language: English during installation, can be changed after installation
– Architecture: 64 bits
– Version: Professional Pro
.NET Framework 3.5 status: Pre-installed
– DirectPlay: enabled
– MS Store and Network Adapter Drivers: included.
– Activation status: requires a separate activator .
– Can be installed on systems without TPM.

Deleted services and tools:
Security Center
Backup and Restore
Xbox Live Services
Mixed Reality
Additional Windows Features

Disabled services and tools:
Power Throttling
App Lookup
Automatic Maintenance
Download Blocking
Error Reporting
Windows Firewall
PCI Express Link State Power Management

“Windows 11 Pro CompactLite Build 22000.51

This policy continues in Windows 11, howeverWindows 11 Pro CompactLite has completely disabled the updates section and prevented it from connecting to Microsoft servers. In this regard, this Windows will not be equipped with new features and its volume will remain constant forever. This can be very interesting for users who have problems with frequent and time consuming updates to Windows.

System Requirement

    RAM: 2 GB
    Hard Disk Space: 8 GB


Windows 11 Pro CompactLite Build 22000.51

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