Lansweeper is software to identify and display all systems and tools on a network, which performs a precise scan to display all detected devices in an easily accessible web interface. It is not necessary to install the agent on each network system and all the scanning is carried out by the program’s own internal function.

This software can not only discover all the hardware devices on your computers such as printers, routers, etc., but it can also keep track of when a device has been changed or removed by tracking the changes made to it. You will also see information such as: B. knowing which program is installed on which system. Therefore, with Lansweeper, you can get all the software and hardware information about the network devices in the form of complete and accurate reports.

Here are some key features of “Lansweeper”:

  • Review and view all systems and devices on the network
  • Provide complete and complete information about the software installed on each system
  • Provide detailed hardware details on each network device
  • Identify programs that need to be updated or registered
  • Collect and provide reports Complete System Details and Active Directory of all network devices
  • Collect and integrate all errors that occur on network devices and notify you as soon as a major error occurs

System Requirement

  • System Requirements
    Latest Microsoft Windows 7 or 10 (64-bit)

Download Lansweeper

Download Here