IDEAL Administration 19 is a server management software that can monitor server software and applications running on the server and manage existing files and domains. This powerful software provides all necessary tools for managing domains, servers, stations and users. In addition to local networking systems , IDEAL Administration software can remotely control over the Internet for Windows systems outside the company’s network. One of the key issues in managing a server is the security issue that this software is capable of maintaining the proper security on the server.

Here are some key Features of “IDEAL Administration v19.21” :

  • manage the full scope and focus of several Active Directory Windows
  • remote control via the Internet for the Windows platform outside the network company
  • remote control for the Windows platform for smartphones Tablets
  • Ability to chat , take screenshots, transfer files and share screens with other users through remote sessions
  • Provide complete HTML and CSV reports for Active Directory domains
  • Instantly clear Active Directory
  • Ability to restore Active Directory elements recently deleted by
  • powerful tools to search Active Directory, edit and search
  • manage Group Policy Objects ( GPO)
  • Windows Active Directory Transfer Tools between Domains and Servers
  • Ability to set up computers automatically and scheduled
  • Perform all settings related to computer name, IP address, UAC and firewall via remote control
  • Windows WMI management as Perfect via remote control
  •  Ability to play keystrokes via remote (Microsoft, Adobe, Pointdev, …)
  • Convenient interface for managing multiple multiple domains and workgroups
  • Ability to perform monitoring tasks simultaneously on multiple computers

System Requirement

  • OS:
    – Windows Server 2016
    – Windows Server 2012
    – Windows Server 2008
    – Windows Server 2003
    – Windows Server / PRO 2000
    – Windows Server / PRO NT
    – Windows 10
    – Windows 8
    – Windows 7
    – Windows XP


IDEAL Administration v19.21

Download Here



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