HttpMaster Pro 4 is a useful program for web developers who need to automatically test their web applications by requesting multiple sources from a specific website.

The software includes a variety of useful features such as encryption of requests, global URLs and Query Strings, global HTTP request titles, and several other advanced features like URL encoding and the ability to disable auto-save.

Data is used to speed up performance. HttpMaster projects can be saved as a file with the extension ‘hmpr’ for reuse. The project file is stored in XML format.

Here are some key features of “HttpMaster Pro v4.4.0“:

  • Ability to define parameters of different data types
  • Verify validation of requests executed by default or arbitrary
  • Define a chain of different requests in sequence
  • Support various data types Uploading such as: plain text, content of a specific file, different information of a form
  • Save all requested items (such as API requests) and other project data simultaneously
  • Define HTTP headers, URL encodings and more for customization. and setting
  • analyze the content of the HTML file for the structure and parameters of the test request form Web
  • implementation of item Selected applicants with accurate and precise control of the development of tools to stop, cancel and more
  • Examine and view complete executable data and save and extract output file to PDF
  • Use command-line or comprehensive tools to run ad-hoc http requests

System Requirement

  • OS : x64 / x86 PC with Microsoft Windows 7 or later
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or later (pre-installed with all Windows 10 editions)

Download HttpMaster Pro v4.4.0

Download Here



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