Home Plan Pro 5.7 is a Professional Building Design Software is a complete series of graphic keysIt prepares tools so you can easily select the tool or do something.

With the help of this software, architects can build 3D drawings or drawings of different parts of a building.

In this software, the designer can display it in two-dimensional and three-dimensional format with features such as display and image rotation after drawing its building map.

Professional design software offers many choices for printing your designs.

You also have the option to select specific sizes or print your design to the largest size on the selected paper. Simply feel the ease of use and lower your costs.

Here are some key features of “Home Plan Pro v5.7.1.1“:

  •  Simple arc or arc design, rectangle, circle, line as well as smooth lines
  • using mouse and keyboard, or a combination of both
  • Add Hashwords (Graded) by two Clicking the mouse
  • Adding in and out the window simply and the same way
  • Zoom in and zoom out by clicking on the description of the part of the design or seeing the whole image of it
  • Walls in the small and selected sections
  • Widescreen windows with a layout
  • View Limit and position
  • Create different layers that you can hide or display with one click
  • Design the position of the building using the boundary and the c Variants
  • Calculate Building Area and Exposure
  • Print Preview Description
  • Realistic parallel lines design
  • Dual wall design for rectangular ears
  • Avoid large text prints applied to scale
  • Construct text bases
  • Maintain free-space strings in different zooming stages
  • Quick settings and save Separate zoom in at different stages

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows XP, 7, 8 / 8.1, 10

Download Home Plan Pro v5.7.1.1

Download Here