GERMES 2 is a software for astronomy and astronomy calculations and analysis of results. For professional astronomers, this software provides a flexible and easily customizable tool for solving many astronomical operations such as correction, long-term and short-term forecasting and graph analysis. GERMES includes various tools and settings, a huge collection of coordinate data from thousands of cities around the world, etc. to collect astronomical information, analyze it and draw a variety of time charts, calendars, and more. Be it.

GERMES is designed to perform astrological calculations and express analysis of results. For professional astrologers, the software provides a flexible and easily customizable tool for solving most various astrological tasks, such as rectification, long-term and short-term forecasting, analysis of the natal chart.

Here are some key Features of “GERMES v2.27.1908.0” :

  • Calculation and analysis of various types of astronomical charts
  • Ability to choose custom prediction methods, create types of progress charts, recursive …
  • Coordinate database of over 146,000 cities around the world Changing time zones
  • Ability to recognize custom imaginary elements, asteroids, fragments, midpoints and display them in a chart
  • Set custom and standard settings from different segments with import / extract options
  • Ability to copy data from any table to Clipboard and in tabular format, by putting them in tandem in Excel, Word or other applications In
  • Store tabular data in CSV format and HTML
  • Ability to analyze subject event graphs (filtering elements or points of interest based on relation to specific houses)
  • Multiple instantaneous live charts
  • TTF font to display high resolution astronomical symbols
  • Import databases Data Chart from DOS-version of GERMES, Zet, Uranus, JigSaw DAT, Quick * Charts, Almagest, Astro Data Bank (web-version) xml
  • Move database charts to DOS-version of GERMES, Zet, JigSaw, Quick * Charts
  • Copy a chart image to the clipboard
  • Set of different configuration options
  • Set of astronomical settings

System Requirement

  • CPU with clock speed of 1 GHz and higher
  • 1Gb and higher RAM
  • Operating system: Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 or higher, Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or higher, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Microsoft. NET Framework 4.5 or higher
  • Available hard disk space from 20MB
  • A widescreen monitor is recommended (but not required)


GERMES v2.27.1908.0

Download Here



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