Spitfire Solo Strings KONTAKT It is a high quality and rich library of string instruments that focuses exclusively on group performances and orchestras. Under certain circumstances, an orchestra conductor may need a very strong and loud sound that is played in layers higher than the voices of other members of the orchestra. These solos can have a great impact on the final result and the induced feeling to the listener and change the flow of performance in general. Soloists are a very important part of an orchestra that depicts the art and ability of musicians to lead. With the help of this VST, you are able to dominate your orchestral space with a kind of individualism and move away from the monotony of the group.

VST Spitfire Solo Strings is designed to create variety and differentiation in group performance and is fully compatible with other Spitfire orchestral products. To record this VST, exactly the same equipment and facilities used in other Spitfire projects have been used, and as a result, the quality and material of the sound is not much different. Even the makers of the recording studio have not changed the signal chain or the position of the microphones, and everything is in perfect harmony with the other products of this company. To record this VST, the main hall of AIR Studios has been used, which is one of the most luxurious and well-equipped studios in the world.


Features of VST Spitfire Solo Strings
– Put the microphone in different positions and record each sound separately
– Sampling of different violins in three different modes
– Collaboration with international bands in the process of recording and designing VST
– Use of highly advanced and equipped equipment and studios
– Very simple and intuitive user interface

important information
– The version that we have prepared for you at the moment is an anthology or so-called mini-version, and its size has been reduced from 43 GB to about 4.7 GB.
– All samples are recorded in 16 bits.
– For the vast majority of instruments, the output microphone recording file is closed or Close and the rest of the recorded versions are completely deleted.
– A small menu has been added to the VST user interface to select the IR type.
– The main Close / Far slider has been completely edited to control the new Convolution Reverb.

Violin (Virtuoso) – Long CS
Violin (Virtuoso) – Long Flautando
Violin (Virtuoso) – Long Progressive Vib
Violin (Virtuoso) – Long Tremolo
Violin (Virtuoso) – Long
Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Bartok Pizz
Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Brushed Baroque CS
Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Col Legno
Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Noise Staccatissimo
Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Pizzicato
Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Spiccato
Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Staccato
Violin (1st Desk) – Long CS
Violin (1st Desk) – Long Flautando
Violin (1st Desk) – Long Progressive Vib
Violin (1st Desk) – Long Tremolo
Violin (1st Desk) – Long
Violin (1st Desk) – Short Bartok Pizz
Violin (1st Desk) – Short Brushed Baroque CS
Violin (1st Desk) – Short Col Legno
Violin (1st Desk) – Short Mandolin Pizzicato
Violin (1st Desk) – Short Pizzicato
Violin (1st Desk) – Short Spiccato
Violin (1st Desk) – Short Staccato
Violin (Progressive) – Long CS
Violin (Progressive) – Long Flute
Violin (Progressive) – Long Progressive Vib
Violin (Progressive) – Long Tremolo
Violin (Progressive) – Long
Violin (Progressive) – Short Bartok Pizz
Violin (Progressive) – Short Brushed Baroque CS
Violin (Progressive) – Short Col Legno Pencil
Violin (Progressive) – Short Col Legno
Violin (Progressive) – Short Mandolin Pizzicato
Violin (Progressive) – Short Paganini
Violin (Progressive) – Short Pizzicato
Violin (Progressive) – Short Spiccato CS
Violin (Progressive) – Short Spiccato
Violin (Progressive) – Short Staccato
Violin (Progressive) – Short Super Sul Tasto
Viola – Long CS
Viola – Long Progressive Vib
Viola – Long Tremolo
Viola – Long
Viola – Short Bartok Pizz
Viola – Short Brushed Baroque CS
Viola – Short Col Legno
Viola – Short Mandolin Pizzicato
Viola – Short Noise Staccatissimo
Viola – Short Pizzicato
Viola – Short Spiccato
Viola – Short Staccato
Cello – Long CS
Cello – Long Flautando
Cello – Long Progressive Vib
Cello – Long Tremolo
Cello – Long
Cello – Short Bartok Pizz
Cello – Short Brushed Baroque CS
Cello – Short Col Legno
Cello – Short Noise Staccatissimo
Cello – Short Pizzicato
Cello – Short Spiccato
Cello – Short Staccato
Bass – Long Flautando
Bass – Long Progressive Vib
Bass – Long Tremolo
Bass – Long
Bass – Short Bartok Pizz
Bass – Short Brushed Baroque CS
Bass – Short Col Legno
Bass – Short Pizzicato Undamped
Bass – Short Pizzicato
Bass – Short Spiccato
Bass – Short Staccato

Violin (Virtuoso) – Long Harmonics
Violin (Virtuoso) – Long Sul Pont
Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Harmonics
Violin (Virtuoso) – Trill (Major 2nd)
Violin (Virtuoso) – Trill (Minor 2nd)
Violin (1st Desk) – Long Harmonics
Violin (1st Desk) – Short Harmonics
Violin (1st Desk) – Trill (Major 2nd)
Violin (1st Desk) – Trill (Minor 2nd)
Violin (Progressive) – Long Col Legno Tratto
Violin (Progressive) – Long Harmonics
Violin (Progressive) – Long Sul Pont
Violin (Progressive) – Long Super Sul Tasto
Violin (Progressive) – Short Harmonics
Violin (Progressive) – Tremolo Harmonics
Violin (Progressive) – Tremolo Whispers
Violin (Progressive) – Trill (Major 2nd)
Violin (Progressive) – Trill (Minor 2nd)
Viola – Long Harmonics
Viola – Long Sul Pont
Viola – Short Harmonics
Viola – Trill (Major 2nd)
Viola – Trill (Minor 2nd)
Cello – Long Harmonics
Cello – Long Sul Pont
Cello – Short Harmonics
Cello – Trill (Major 2nd)
Cello – Trill (Minor 2nd)
Bass – Long Harmonics
Bass – Long Sul Pont
Bass – Short Harmonics
Bass – Trill (Major 2nd)
Bass – Trill (Minor 2nd)

“Spitfire Solo Strings KONTAKT

VST Spitfire Solo Strings was first released 6 years ago and was able to attract the attention of a certain range of artists. Since then, the VST production team has been involved in the recording and recording process for more than 2,500 hours and have been able to improve the quality and volume of this VST sound every day. The result of all this sampling and trial and error is this musical masterpiece. An orchestra usually uses a large number of complex nested instruments and notes, which eventually form a single sound. buildersVST Spitfire Solo Strings have done their best to give a new color and glaze to your group performance and add a little individualism and diversity to the works of different artists. The use of VST Spitfire Solo Strings is quite general and can be used in film, game and even pop music projects. Among the most important similar uses of this VST are John Williams’ violin solo for Schindler’s List and cello solos in the Game of Thrones subtitles.

System Requirement

    Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 64-bit)
    Intel 2.8 GHz i5 (quad-core) or AMD Ryzen 5
    8GB RAM
    Intel 2.8 GHz i7 (six-core) or AMD R7 2700
    16GB RAM
    Contact or Contact Player 5.6.8 or higher


Spitfire Solo Strings KONTAKT

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