Geometric NestingWorks 2021 is a powerful complement to SolidWorks software that can be used to divide the types of models and components designed in SolidWorks into multiple parts and networks, as well as nested layers and complex parts of models, especially two-dimensional and three-dimensional. sheet metal. This plug-in is fully integrated with the SolidWorks software environment and not only has a complete tool and library, but it is also possible to design or create multiple layers, parts, and networks from models designed with a variety of materials, including wood, composites, metal and assure users.

Here are some key features of “Geometric NestingWorks 2021”:

  • Fully integrated into the SOLIDWORKS environment, easy to use
  • Separate crushing and meshing of model parts
  • Automatic meshing and partitioning of the model
  • Has various model meshing methods
  • Model spacing and meshing based on construction materials
  • Reduction of consumables through advanced network algorithms
  • Mesh models with different construction materials such as wood, metal and composites

System Requirement

  • NESTINGWorks 2021 is supported on the following CAD applications:
    – SOLIDWORKS 2020
    – SOLIDWORKS 2021
    – SOLIDWORKS 2022
    – CAMWorks Solids 2020
    Operating Systems
    – Windows 7 (SP1 or higher)
    – Windows 8.1
    – Windows 10Notes:
    – NESTINGWorks is not supported on 32-bit Operating Systems.
    – Home editions of the Operating Systems are not supported.


  • Hardware
    RAM 8GB or more recommended
    Disk Space 5 GB or more
    Processor Intel or AMD with SSE2 support. 64-bit operating system required
    Install Media DVD Drive or Broadband Internet Connection

Download Geometric NestingWorks 2021

Download Here