GenoPro 2019 is a family tree software designed to be used by just a few minutes and can be used easily.

This application uses Geneva to display the tree of your family members.

With GenoPro, you can import unlimited images for each person or family and create a family album.

GenoPro provides the ability to create and share various reports about members of a family in different languages.

Among all the family tree software, GenoPro is the easiest to learn and use. If you are a beginner of their genealogy, you can learn to use GenoPro in a few minutes without consulting online help. GenoPro uses the genogram to represent your family tree.

A genogram is a graphic representation of a family with a set of simple rules and images. Genograms include basic information on the number of marriages, number of children in each marriage, birth order, age and death.

Some genograms also include relationships between individuals and information on disorders running in a family such as alcoholism, depression and diseases.

GenoPro can insert unlimited pictures for each individual and family, and help you create a CD-ROM of your family album. GenoPro has a powerful report generator for generating detailed reports in the language of your choice. These reports can be printed or published on the Web using your internet connection.

Here are some key features of “GenoPro 2019”:

  • learn and easy to use
  • Support for Copy, Cut & Paste, and Undo & Redo Unlimited
  • insert pictures of family for each person or event (such as marriage)
  • Print and share web output
  • Structuring and organizing family information
  • Converting Gedcom file to pedigree and photo wings
  • Reporting in HTML format

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Download GenoPro 2019

Download Here



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