VirtualDrive Pro 16 is a very useful CD / DVD / BD emulation utility that will come in handy. VirtualDrive has a unique burning capability that allows you to copy your CD / DVD / Blu-ray discs, games, and other programs to physical disks and Virtual CDs. Our software allows you to convert original discs into a Virtual CD (VCD), which plays in any one of up to 23 VCD drives. VirtualDrive Pro provides a quick and responsive playback without leaving any wear or tear on your drive. Furthermore, VirtualDrive Pro allows you to run games and applications at 200X without a physical disk loaded in a CD / DVD and BD drive. Virtual memory is one of the most commonly used parts of most personal computer operating systems. Many computer tasks can be found with the application of various degree of functional and space too. And users also have to face the situation, adapt to and slow your needs with various software To fix This problem occurs twice when a computer system does not have strong hardware, and the system is constantly hanging.
VirtualDrive Pro is a software utility that simulates your computer’s CD / DVD-ROM drive and can use virtual drives made by this software, like real drives, and software that requires a CD or DVD drive. Drive on the drive directly from the hard drive! For example, a lot of gamesThe bulk CDs and boot desktops and software required to run CDs are required to run, and if you need to use a game or software for a long time, there is a lot of damage to the CD or The DVD will import you and cause them to get worse in a shorter amount of time. This software allows you to create more than 23 virtual drives and an unlimited number of virtual CDs (image files) and you can import all your CDs into this program so that no major CDs are required. This software provides you with all the tools you need, and you can create your own CDs and DVDs without using any other software.

Here are some key Features of  “FarStone VirtualDrive Pro v16.10” :

  • Simulates the CD / DVD-ROM drive
  • Capable of generating over 23 virtual drives and unlimited number of virtual CDs (image files)
  • Required tools
  • Creating images from CDs and DVDs

System Requirement

  • At least 100 MB hard disk space for installation of the VirtualDrive software
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Display resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher


FarStone VirtualDrive Pro v16.10

Download Here


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