EssentialPIM Pro 8.5 Business – Have you ever felt the need to have timing and planning for your affairs? According to the human need to engage with vast amounts of information at work and at home, and also need someone to organize this information.

If you also have targeted programs and personal affairs matters can the software EssentialPIM Pro use.

This software is an advanced version of EPIM that is used by thousands of users around the world to organize personal, testing Subject line and business affairs.

The software for managing personal information allows the user to control the appointments, texts, communications, and more.

The ability to save and hold emails , URLs, lists, and text at one point provides all the necessary organizational requirements for the user.

Using this software is very simple and can help you manage and organize the data. This tool provides you with a new level of information on a day, week, and month.

Searching by date, subject or word as well as sorting, printing, and  is only possible with just a few clicks on the mouse or keyboard.

Creating separate PIMs for work, home or any family member by creating multiple databases and assigning passwords to these databases is another hallmark of this product.

Using this tool, you can organize the output to any arbitrary style, complex structures such as tree structure, flat format, table, and any other format of such organization. If you are an Outlook or Outlook Express user, you can directly put your data in this software .

Here are some key features of “EssentialPIM Pro v8.5 Business”:

  • Manage and manage your personal and business affairs
  • Easy and convenient use of this software
  • High speed in execution
  • Powerful output with any arbitrary combination
  • Advanced backup
  • Send custom items to email
  • Sync and sync with Palm, Windows Mobile, Google Calendar, Outlook
  • Generate data in HTML, RT, CSV, TXT formats
  • Create multiple databases and assign password and password to any Which of these databases
  • Search the elements by date, subject or word
  • Run parameters such as sorting and printing with just a few clicks

System Requirement

OS :Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10

Download EssentialPIM Pro v8.5 Business

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