Audio Laboratory 10 – Research and audio analysis in forensic medicine is one of the most difficult tasks, and it requires the use of sophisticated software that incorporates relevant scientific terminology and knowledge.

The Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory is a software tool that has all of these features as a comprehensive software for audio studying in forensic medicine.

With a range of tools, filters, panels and powerful settings, this program is an ideal option for those who work in forensic research and analysis of sounds.

DCForensics not only adds many new tools to the legacy product line, but focuses on ease of use.

The new Graphical User Interface provides a very intuitive way to interact with the power of the classic Diamond Cut Forensics Filters and Analysis Suites.

A new set of tasks will steer the user to the correct solution based on their forensics audio goal or task. Additionally, it includes many new descriptive presets for the various filters.

A task that has been difficult to accomplish in the past is now easily accessible with new features (eg, Whisper Enhancer).

Here are some key features of “Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory v10.52”:

  • Includes sound amplification filters and settings
  • Spectral frequency tracking for voice authentication
  • Presenting audio features such as peak, RMS, AVG, PK-PK, etc.
  • Capability Delete silence from long audio files
  • Display histogram for easier audio analysis
  • Compare histogram of different audio regions
  • Supersonic search for tracking and hearing weak sounds
  • Set time to track audio in multiple files
  • Direct access to field filtering Adaptive Frequency (afdf)
  • Supports audio files with aac and m4a format
  • Subsonic Explorer feature to help find sub-audible events
  • Set a file Time offset for tracking time in multipart files.
  • Direct Access to the Adaptive Frequency Domain Filter (AFDF)

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Download Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory v10.52

Download Here