DBConvert for Firebird and MSSQL 2.1.6 is an application for transferring the InterBase / Firebird database to SQL Server / Windows Azure SQL and Wing Photos which helps you quickly and easily create your data and tables from a database. Transfer the WiFi data to a skylight server database or vice versa. The software synchronization process maintains the database updates and consistency. SQL Dump files are created to store data in cases where direct access to the server is limited and you can not use direct conversion capabilities.

Here are some key Features of “DBConvert for Firebird and MSSQL v2.1.6” :

  • Supports all versions of Firebird / InterBase
  • Bilateral synchronization between MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL
  • High speed conversion with the help of Bulk and Quantization features
  • Data storage in one Firebird Dump
  • Intuitive conversion of MySQL to MS SQL and Oracle and vice versa
  • Supports Amazon RDS SQL Server DB Instance
  • Data storage in an MS SQL Dump for transfer to MS SQL database
  • Ability to select TCP / IP communication protocols, PIPE, IPX / SPX
  • Support for MS SQL Server (Express) 2000/2005/2008/2008 R2 / 2012/2014/2016, SQL Azure

System Requirement

  • Firebird 2.xx and higher
  • Necessary privileges to write to database on the target MS SQL server (this requirement is optional as there is a possibility to overcome restrictions using dump file)


DBConvert for Firebird and MSSQL v2.1.6

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