Bitsum ParkControl Pro 1.3 is software to improve system performance by changing the CPU core settings. In fact, the settings related to stopping processor cores inside Windows secret settingsIt is capable of making significant differences in system performance. This core parking setting is a sleep mode (C6) that is supported by most new x86 processors and newer versions of Windows.

The changes made to this setting are that when the system is idle, to save energy, the processor core is deactivated, and when the CPU is loaded, the idle cores are re-activated. Disabling this feature will greatly improve the performance of the system and increase the speed of the activity. ParkControl Pro lets you disable this feature for high performance applications, but you can enable it for other apps. Although using this software is very simple, it mostly helps professional computer users.

Here are some key Features of ” Bitsum ParkControl Pro v1.3.1.4″ :

  • Changes in CPU cores settings
  • CPU cores control
  • Ability to disable these settings for high performance applications
  • Get the most out of this feature disabling by AMD processors
  • Save Energy consumption
  • safe solution

System Requirement

  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 64bit & 32bit

Download Bitsum ParkControl Pro v1.3.1.4

Download Here



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