Autodesk Eagle 9 is one of the most powerful software for designing circuit boards and electronic boards, one of its advantages is low volume and high speed.

This app has powerful bookshops . One of the reasons why it’s popular among users is the three-dimensional display of your board virtualized and simulated from real pieces.

This software was previously published by Cadsoft and is currently being published by Autodesk.

Here are some key features of “Autodesk Eagle v9.2.0”:

  • Autorouter
    The current autorouter is based on a rip-up retry algorithm in which it takes into account that parameters defined in Design Rule Checker & NetClass. This is a single thread process by which the end user needs to run the autorouter multiple to test different configurations.
    The new autorouter for the augment the existing algorithm. One of the most noticeable effects of the new autorouter is that it is Multi-Threaded and therefore can take advantage of Multicore processors.


  • Multi-Threaded
    This means that the autorouter can run multiple configurations simultaneously. The user will be able to select the best result that accommodates his design.

    On computers with multiple core processors, each thread can own its own processor core. This optimizes EAGLE’s use of available hardware.


  • TopRouter
    The new autorouter includes the option to use our TopRouter. This intricate process will result in boards with significantly less points of transition than our previous algorithm. This will result in very cost effective optimal boards that will require less manual interaction by the end user.


  • Hierarchical design
    This feature stems from multiple surveys hosted by CadSoft and requests monitored by our support and development team. Hierarchal design helps designers to organize large schematic designs into small functional blocks which can then be assigned to various members of a team. It helps collaborative design teams to work on specific areas of a large complex design, which can then be easily integrated.

    At the end, all these designs can be integrated because of our newly implemented hierarchal design capability. This also favors design re-use, allowing blocks of one design to be used in another design.


  • Export of IDF files
    CadSoft Computer has created and integrated into EAGLE an intricate ULP that will allow users to export the IDF file of the circuit board. This file is compatible with most mechanical programs.

    What is IDF?
    The IDF (Intermediate Data Format) file represents the maximum dimension (length, width, and height) of a component in the form of a block. These blocks act as placeholders for exact 3D models of the individual components. This basic model can be used as a preliminary check in any suitable mechanical design application.


  • GUI makeover
    Version 7 also means a modernized graphic look of the user interface. The icons used since the beginning have been replaced by new and modern images that are self explanating and support the improvement of EAGLE usability from a visual perspective. The EAGLE user can choose between the classic and the modernized icon style.

System Requirement

  • – Microsoft® Windows® 7 or newer is required. EAGLE 64-bit requires a 64-bit operating system.

Download Autodesk Eagle v9.2.0

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