West Wind Html Help Builder 5 is an application for creating HTML documents. With the help of this software, you just have to focus on the content of your document and use a popular editorial format called Markdown. When you type and use the text editor, you can preview your work live. In the toolbar, you can use several tools to copy and paste directly from clipboard, disk, or web, adding tables, links, text markup, and more. You can also select and link other topics from within the Documentation project so that you can quickly and easily access various topics.

HelpBuilder creates the output as a stand-alone personal website that can be searched and migrated through a web and mobile interface . There are several different themes that are used to change the look of the site. From the same web-based output, you can also use CHM HTML Help and Word documents or PDFs to generate files. Help Builder also provides FTP support for uploading your projects to a web server and even updating personalized content when working on content.

Here are some key Features of “West Wind Html Help Builder v5.10.0” :

  • Full editorial tools
  • Use Markdown syndicates
  • Focus on content
  • Provide live sync previews
  • Check correct spelling when typing
  • Quick search of the subject
  • Easy switching between the various topics through the link
  • Easy to add image and website links
  • To paste images from the clipboard
  • Use a capture screensaver to capture images or via SnagIt
  • HTML5 and CSS based themes
  • Instant messaging
  • HTML output for mobile
  • Uploading documents via FTP
  • Extract output results in the form of Web or CHM files
  • Create PDF and Word documents
  • Imports of .NET classes, FoxPro
  • Web Services Imports
  • Imports of SQL databases Server
  • Imports existing CHM files

System Requirement

  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 64bit & 32bit


West Wind Html Help Builder v5.10.0


Download Here



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