Webcam Surveyor 3 is a simple and powerful software designed to capture video from webcams and monitor entire environments. In fact, with this software you can turn your webcam into a closed camera circuit. One of the most important features of this software is the motion detection feature, which allows you to save only the images you have seen.

The software has advanced motion detection technology that allows you to turn your computer into a complete video surveillance system and capture all the events that happen in your absence. This way, every move taken under the cover of a camera takes a picture of it and sent to your email , or if you have a FTP server, you can adjust the software so that the imageUploaded to your FTP server.

This feature allows you to save hard disk space and time, and you can only capture images that have been moved. It also has a stealth mode that allows you to completely hide the software on your computer and control it with shortcuts, so the software will start with Windows . The invisible face is executed, and other people will not be aware of this software and monitoring, and you can easily understand all the events that happen in your absence and capture the captured videos.

Here are some key features of “Webcam Surveyor v3.70 Build 1079”:

  • Monitor your office or home and capture all your activities
  • Record video with sound
  • View video while recording it
  • Get advanced motion detection technology
  • Capable of recording video only when motion detected
  • Capturing still images and making video from them
  • Capturing frames in motion and not capturing frames
  • Notification via email If a motion is seen in the image
  • Ability to upload files recorded by FTP
  • Has a secret mode and software management and control through shortcuts
  • Simultaneous execution with For initiating the Windows invisible
  • Easy to use
  • Save disk space and time
  • Compatible with different versions of Windows

System Requirement

  • 700 MHz CPU IBM PC compatible computer or higher, (Dual core PC for HD capture)
  • 40 MB of free memory (RAM).
  • 10 MB of free hard disk space.
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 or later.
  • Display capable of displaying 16-bit colors or higher.
  • WDM (Windows Driver Model) compatible device (webcam or capture card.)

Download Webcam Surveyor v3.70 Build 1079

Download Here