VovSoft Text Edit Plus 5.1 software is a plain text editor with no special format that can be presented as a replacement for the Windows Notepad program by providing more features and functionality . Among the features of this program are cases such as encoding and decoding texts, combining lines, removing empty lines or similar, applying filters on lines, displaying full screen, creating word lists, entering numbers , KeyPress simulation, conversion of lower or upper case letters, reversing lines, line sorting, and correction of lines. It is worth noting that if you have set one of the Farsi fonts in the type of software font, it will fully support Persian.

Text Edit Plus is a simple text editor designed as an alternative to Notepad by offering a wider set of features. Some of the features: Encode and decode text. Combine lines. Delete empty lines. Delete the same lines. Filter lines. Full screen view Generate word list. Insert numbers. KeyPress Simulator. Lowercase and uppercase conversion. Randomize lines. Reverse lines. Sort lines. Trim lines.

Here are some key Features of ” VovSoft Text Edit Plus v5.1 ” :

  • encrypt and decrypt texts
  • create word lists
  • enter numbers
  • simulate KeyPress in text
  • convert small or large plain text
  • move existing text lines Randomly
  • add phrase / word to the beginning / end of a sentence
  • sort lines
  • create an HTTP code from the text
  • set the background color for the text editing environment

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP

Download  VovSoft Text Edit Plus v5.1

Download Here



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