Thea Render For Rhino v2.2

Thea Render For Rhino v2.2


Thea Render For Rhino 2.2 software is a multi-purpose rendering tool that has the most advanced Unbiased, Neused and GPU engines. This tool is optimized for simultaneous processing of GPUs (NVIDIA and AMD) and CPU to help maximize your computing power. The engine is tuned for fast and interactive rendering, which allows the GPU and CPU to be used sparingly, while maintaining the high quality of Thea Render real photos. The software-based physical system has features such as an advanced layering system and a spectral color set that are at the heart of the rendering engine. These features allow for a true and compelling presentation of images. More details on the manufacturer’s website.

Features of Thea For Rhino

Geometry subdivision (on render time)
Assign containers (medium)
Native Rhino materials support
Split frame functionality
Custom light evaluation
Clipping planes

“Thea Render For Rhino v2.2”

Thea Render v2.0 comes with a redesigned core engine and new features such as: Denoising (Built-in & NVIDIA® OptiX ™), New Tonemapping Operators (Filmic, Reinhard) , Split Frame for systems with multiple GPUs, Interactive Position Updates ( faster Interactive Rendering) , Custom Light & Material Component Evaluation, Back Face Material Support and more.

System Requirement

  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7


Thea Render For Rhino v2.2

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