VisualCron Pro v9.9.9 – You can schedule your Windows computer for repetitive and boring tasks that you have to do during the day. In this case, apart from wasting time and giving you more time for your more important tasks, the risk of forgetting these tasks is also eliminated.
VisualCron is an automated task scheduling software designed for Windows. By using this software, at predetermined times, tasks such as: executing scripts and advanced files, transferring files, archiving, XML handling, active routing tasks, encryption, sending and receiving emails, and implementing control On the system, such as Standby, Restart, Logoff, execution of SQL commands and monitoring are done automatically. Also, this software for systems networked will also be used and tasks can be performed automatically on any number of client systems at the specified times using the server. Working with this software is very simple and you will not need any special skills.

Here are some key features of “VisualCron Pro v9.9.9 Build 31877”:

  • Automating repetitive and boring tasks
  • Eliminating human errors
  • Managing, reacting and paying attention to system problems
  • Providing new advanced technology for faster and safer operation
  • Solving system problems without The need for programming
  • the ability to schedule programs on Tray Client, Client, Server systems
  • performing tasks by the server without the need to login
  • no limit on the number of clients connected to the server
  • secure control of the VisualCron server through the Internet
  • moving An easy place for the client between different servers

System Requirement

Download VisualCron Pro v9.9.9 Build 31877

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