Backup Exec 20 is software helps you make in less time, most of the problems related to backup and play Abbey important information in your organization to resolve.

This software helps you to exceed the expectations of a simple data retrieval program, reduce storage costs and make sure that your information is securely protected.

The software was previously provided by Symantec, but since 2016, Veritas Technologies has been developing as a stand-alone company to develop Backup Exec.

Backup Exec combines two unique features while maintaining high reliability and speed. The first feature is the ability to restore information to a non-identical hardware and the second feature is the ability to remotely recover data.

The result of this combination is the exceptional freedom of the network administrator To restore systems at any time and from any location on any hardware.

Here are some key features of “Veritas Backup Exec v20.4.1188.2217“:

  • Unified backup management and retrieval of data on non-similar hardware
  • Full backup, incremental and periodic backup
  • Restore on non-similar hardware
  • Support for a range Data storage hardware such as hard drives, magnetic tapes, optical discs, NAS, SAN, DVDs, USB.
  • Ability to use in virtual environments
  • Remote retrieval without interference
  • Remote control and execution

System Requirement

    • 64-bit Windows 7 / 8.x / 10

Download Veritas Backup Exec v20.4.1188.2217

Download Here



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