Tecplot Focus 2021 R1 v2021.1.0.113954 Software for drawing engineering diagrams from the data in various engineering simulation software. When engineers and specialists simulate various factors in specialized software such as Fluent, most of the data obtained have very large volumes that may be imported into various software to perform the post processing step with Problems. Hence the Tecplot Focus software which is from the Tecplot Focus software seriesCan easily take all the obtained data and analyze them.

This software allows you to quickly design and analyze all your engineering information and tests exactly as you want. Analyze and discover complex datasets, specify the order of different XY, 2D and 3D shapes, and then present the results and share them with others with different, attractive and quality images and animations, including the features of this software. The software is powerful. Saving time and avoiding various complexities by optimizing data analysis and charting has made this software a very popular software among engineers and professionals.

Overview of Tecplot Focus 2020 Features
– Apply multiple constraints to de fi ne and create performance envelopes.
– Tecplot Focus helps probe manufacturer showcase technology and sell products. Read the full case study.
– Control over 2,500 attributes of your plot.
– View XY, 2D and 3D plots from different perspectives in a multi-frame workspace.
– Assign arbitrary independent axes for specialty plots
– Create complex performance plots.
– Plot irregularly spaced data.
– Probe values ​​over time.
– Automate your work with a powerful scripting language.
– Create macros by recording or writing scripts.
– Use the Quick Macro Panel to access macros easily.
– Plot and print with batch processing.
– Extend Tecplot functionality with the Add-on Developer’s Kit.
– Copy and paste images or animations directly into Microsoft Of applications ce applications.
– Export professional, presentation-quality images in vector and raster formats.
– Make optimized animations for PowerPoint and the Web.

“Tecplot Focus 2021 R1 v2021.1.0.113954

Tecplot Focus gets you answers faster. It enables you to quickly plot all your engineering and test data exactly the way you want. Analyze and explore complex data sets, arrange multiple XY, 2D and 3D plots, and then communicate your results to colleagues and management with brilliant, high-quality images and animations. Save even more time and effort by automating routine data analyses and plotting tasks.

System Requirement

  • System requirements: Windows requires installation to be run as administrator. OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (64-bit only)


Tecplot Focus 2021 R1 v2021.1.0.113954

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