System Mechanic Pro 18 is a powerful and all-new tool that cleans up the system and eliminates most of the problems and errors in the Windows operating system speed and performance and keeps the best possible out of your Windows.

System Mechanic is one of the most powerful software for Windows optimizer, is usually on the Internet of public universities and other centers of computer optimization problem to clean and use.

More than just Internet security, System Mechanic 18 Professional is a complete solution for PC protection, system optimization, and trouble-free maintenance.

You need more than just security software to keep your PC running right. Without regular internal maintenance even the best protected PC will suffer from problems and eventually grind to a halt.

System Mechanic 18 Professional includes all the tools you need to protect against threats, and keep your PC running smooth, fast, and healthy from the inside out.

Here are some key features of “System Mechanic Pro v18.6.0.141“:

  • Optimize and boost your system speed with hard drive integration (even before Windows starts )
  • Prevent the virus, worm, trojan and spyware from infecting your system
  • Preventing hacker infiltration to using the latest technology protection
  • game Abbey deleted / Delete were you such as text files, photos, music, email , etc. from hard drives, floppy drives, zip drives digital cameras, MP3 players, USB drives
  • Cleansing hard disk or floppy data quickly and securely (Wipe)
  • Completely uninstall software installed on Windows
  • Prevent adware from running. HoneyThe popular Internet PopUp when using the Internet
  • Ability to search and delete corrupted shortcuts and files similar to duplicate files in Windows
  • Search for problems in the Windows registry and optimize it
  • Search and delete unused files Available in the system
  • Ability to clear the whole footprint of your personal activities in the Windows environment and the Internet
  • Powered booster engine to speed up the internet and download information

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows 7,8,10 32bit and 64bit

Download System Mechanic Pro

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