Source Insight 4 is software for viewing and editing software source code. This product can be a useful and useful tool for programmers to easily view the source code of various programs and, by analyzing and analyzing them, can design their own programming programs with new and desired features. To use. Even if you are familiar with programming in some way, Source Insight lets you view and review the source code of the EXE file that exists on your system, or even with Execute widespread and arbitrary changes in the codes of all software available to create a new software. Also, with the help of this software you can use the features of powerful programming editors such as auto-complete code, smart name change and also.

Understand Code
Learn an existing code base quickly and get up to speed on new projects. Evaluate the costs of potential changes by seeing where functions and objects are used. This class is the inheritance and function call trees.

Quickly Navigate
Source Insight parses your whole project and let’s you navigate and edit a code like a breeze while showing you information automatically. Jump easily to callers of functions or references to variables.

This where functions and variables are used. Source Insight automatically shows links to functions, variables, classes, and more – almost instantly. Search across your project using advanced search features.

Code Analysis
Source Insight has built-in dynamic analysis for C / C ++, C #, Java, Objective-C, and more.

Powerful Editing
Use powerful editing features, including code snippets, symbolic auto-completion, and smart-rename.

Syntax Formatting
See live references to variables and other declarations with Syntax Formatting. Identifiers are formatted based on their declaration, scope, and usage.

Here are some key Features of “Source Insight v4.00.0098” :

  • Helps to understand the structure of existing code
  • Ability to view all source code and edit it
  • Support for C / C ++, C # and Java programming languages
  • Easily find links to Functions, variables, and more
  • View tree charts of the class
  • View functions and class definitions without having to open a file
  • View direct references to variables
  • Supports exe, .dll, .ocx, etc
  • Powerful editing features. Including auto-complete code and smart name change
  • suitable for amateur and professional programmers

System Requirement

  • OS:
    – Windows 10/8/7 / Vista
    – Windows Server 2008, 2012


Source Insight v4.00.0098

Download Here



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