Remo Drive Wipe v2.0.0.27. In cases where you want to resell your internal or external hard drive or provide it to another user, it is usually recommended for security reasons to transcribe it multiple times after deleting it to make sure that it is no longer using any software. PlayEbi cannot retrieve information. Many government agencies have specific standards for clearing data. For example, an entity may say that a file must be overwritten three times. When you delete a file or folder, in fact this information has not yet been completely deleted, although it may not be apparently accessible, but it can still be recovered with the help of data recovery software. Even if you have saved or re-formatted new data in your drive, there is still a possibility that the partition will be rebuilt and the files restored. That’s why Remo’s powerful Drive Wipe softwareThat by repeatedly overwriting the data cleans the memory completely. If the disk is not erased properly, others can recover your personal data. Hence, Remo Drive Wipe permanently deletes internal or external memory information so no data recovery software can recover it.

In cases of selling or disposing of the hard drive or any external drive overwriting the drive for several times is recommended for security purposes. Many government institutions have specific wiping standards for data wiping. Particularly, the US Department of Defense specification 5220.22 standard says a file must be exceeded three times. For that reason, Remo offers Drive Wipe tool that not only unlinks “recycled” files but also specifically overwrites old data with garbage data for free.

Drive wiping is beneficial for data privacy, since most delete functions don’t really delete your data. When a file or folder is selected for deletion, the operating system designs those sectors that your files reside in to be re-writeable. However, using data recovery software those deleted files can be easily restored. Even if you have saved new data to your drive or reformatted, there is still a possibility that the partition can be rebuilt and files can be restored.

Due to these selling or disposing off a PC creates a serious threat. If you haven’t properly erased the disk, others can reopen and rebuild your personal data. Hence, Remo Drive Wipe erases the drive data permanently such that no recovery software could ever retrieve your data. Moreover, the tool is available free of cost.

Here are some key Features of “Remo Drive Wipe v2.0.0.27” :

  • Permanently erases entire drive data for free
  • Remo Drive Wipe is an advanced & complete disk erasing tool (for Windows)
  • All you need to repair a complete hard drive or a particular logical drive
  • Securely erases your disk using 9 different sanitization standards for disk wiping
  • Ensures compelete data security

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 on both 32-bit and 64-bit PC’s


Remo Drive Wipe v2.0.0.27

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